Why should you choose PermaBella?

10 January

Why should you choose us?
There are quite a few technicians in our local area of Edinburgh that provide (semi) permanent makeup treatments. For most people, choosing a permanent makeup artist is a decision not taken lightly. And this is a good thing! I wanted to give you some hopefully helpful information as to what makes PermaBella different from other artists.
Our experience, expertise, skill, technique, education and artistry are just a few examples of what sets us apart. I see it as my privilege and duty to help educate potential clients about permanent makeup and everything that’s involved.

1. What sets us apart more than anything, is that my main focus is on restoring or boosting your confidence. I want you to be ecstatic and excited about your new brows. We do this by either enhancing your brows by giving more definition and colour, or by restoring them by replacing the hairs lost over the years. So many of us lose a lot of eyebrow hairs as we age, and this is an unfortunate truth which must be said. By expertly and precisely placing hair strokes into the brow area, we are able to replace the hairs you’ve perhaps lost and we can recreate how they used to look. The beauty of this treatment is that you can walk out of our clinic feeling and looking like yourself again!

2. We have perfected our skills and expertise to give you the best treatment and experience possible.
Over the years, we have done extensive training with leading experts in the industry. We practice our skills on a daily basis and continue to learn and perfect what we do. Permanent makeup is an artistic process and we approach it as artists.
To do a GREAT job, you need to have knowledge of anatomy and skin. You need to have a steady hand. But most of all, you need to understand facial features and what shape will suit the client. Performing this treatment is not as simple as just putting some pigment in the brows!
An example: The shape of the desired eyebrows absolutely needs to be drawn on first before having a microblading treatment. Do not let anyone touch your face without showing you what the shape of your eyebrows will be before having your treatment! I spend about 20-30 minutes mapping out the brows and discussing with my client the desired shape. This is the most important part of the process because if this isn’t right, the end result will not be good! Perfect symmetry isn’t possible, but we do try to aim for it.

3. We are great, not just because we are talented artists but because we continue to develop our skills. Anyone who claims to be the best but doesn’t want to continue learning will be set in their ways. No one is ever done learning and because permanent makeup is an artistic process, you can never be finished with improving.
An example: To make eyebrows look natural and realistic, an artist should know how to use their blade or needles to create life-like hair strokes. They are not meant to be straight lines going from the bottom to the top of the eyebrows. They are also not meant to be put in too close together. If it looks like there are barely any gaps between the hair strokes, the pigment will bleed together in the skin and once healed, you will end up with one big filled in eyebrow. It’s not about how it looks when it’s just been done, but how it looks once it’s healed. I have seen artists insist that they know best even though they continue to give undesirable results. Always choose an artist who’s work you like and can give you endless amount of proof that they are amazing! I spend a lot of time looking at other artists’ work and try to emulate those who’s work I admire. I still practice my techniques and try to improve as much as I can.

4. You should be given all the information you need to make a good decision. Transparency is so important! That is why I spend so much time educating our clients about our treatments and everything that’s involved. I always say, by the time you’re lying down on the bed you are reassured and confident that you’re going to get exactly what you want.
During consultations, I spend a lot of time explaining the treatment from the pigments we use, to mapping out the shape of the brows, to your aftercare advice.
I have heard horror stories where people were shown into the treatment room and not shown (or even asked about) what shape they would get. They had no choice in pigment colour and weren’t even told how to look after their eyebrows!

5. Your happiness is our priority! I know everybody says that but why is it so important in this case? You are my walking advertisement. When you walk down the street, visit friends or go to work I want everyone to think or say ‘’oh my god, her brows look amazing!’’ and ask you for our phone number.
I want you to be excited about your eyebrows and how confident and happy they will make you feel. There is no greater compliment than a recommendation!
But above all this, I do this work because I get so excited and happy when I know I’ve made someone feel amazing about themselves. Your happiness is my happiness.

If I can leave you with some advice it would be this: choose your permanent makeup artist wisely! You are getting a (semi) permanent tattoo in your face. Do not go for the discount because you think it will save you some cash. About 40% of my work is correction work which means I fix a lot of badly done (semi) permanent treatments. Sometimes it can be fixed and sometimes it cannot.
Just because someone offers a service of treatment, it does not mean they are good at it!