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What does eyeliner do to your eyes?

To define larger, rounded eyes, Chinchilla suggests lining your lid with a thin or even smudged line and also lining your waterline. He recommends using a brown eyeliner rather than black because it's more natural and gives the eyes a soft rather than harsh look.If you have small eyes, using a dark eyeliner on the waterline can make your eyes look even smaller. So to add definition while helping make your eyes appear bigger, Hume recommends drawing a thin line on your lid and using a flesh-toned pencil on your bottom waterline.Life would be pretty sweet if one make-up how-to worked for everyone. But we know that we’re all unique in our own ways, so a tutorial on a dark, smudgy eye look – which would look fantastic on the big-eyed model in the picture – won’t do any favours for someone with small or narrow eyes.So here are some handy hints and tricks on how to apply eyeliner to suit your eye shape, size, and position.Round eyes are usually large and quite wide. If you can see white above or below your iris when you look straight ahead, you have round eyes.If you’d like to make your eyes look a little longer, try lining the outer edges of your lash line, or go for a nice, long winged liner look. You could also apply liquid eyeliner (we love Mode Liquid Eyeliner) on your upper lash line from about where your iris starts at the inner corner all the way to the outer corner.

Can you use mascara as eyeliner?

Paula says you can use the mascara to line your eyes like you would with eyeliner. Simply apply the mascara super-close to the lash line, shimmying it up against the skin to create a smudge-y line. If you have a brush, use that—you can drag the brush along the mascara wand and apply the product like a gel liner.Beauty hacks often got me all like, "Why didn't I think of that?," especially when vloggers repurpose things like bottle caps, household sponges, and dental floss as makeup tools. However, a beauty vlogger substituted mascara for eyeliner and it was everything.The swap out was so simple and brilliant that it left me annoyed that I haven't tried it yet. This hack reminds us that you don't always need to be super creative or mine an actual tool box or your kitchen cupboard for ingenious ideas. Sometimes, the simplest hack is right there in your makeup stash.The UK-based Internet MUA who goes by the "charmiejanee" handle did a full and glam eye makeup look — base shades, glitter, false lashes, mascara, everything. She finished it off by lining her lower lashline with a makeup brush dipped in mascara after she had already applied mascara to her lower lashes. It served as liner, adding additional, smoky x smudgy definition to her bottom lashes but it didn't smear.So, if you've misplaced your black eyeliner and love to define the lower half of your eye, well, you can sub mascara for liner. However, you should exercise caution, since you don't want the creamy mascara to get in your eye.Yes, mascara is specifically formulated for use near the eye because duh. But it's a totally different consistency than the solid liner you put on or near your waterline because it serves a different purpose and therefore has a different design. You should still proceed carefully so the mascara itself doesn't irritate or end up in your precious, sensitive eyes.

Does eyeliner open your eyes?

The trick is to not apply eyeliner to the eyelid, but instead apply eyeliner to the upper waterline instead. This will give you the look of eyeliner, but will leave the eyelid free of a dark shade, which will help open the eyes. To line the upper waterline of your eyes is very easy, but can take some practice.There’s a reason why we love the princesses of our childhood—and it’s not solely because of their pretty ball gowns or their epic love stories. Nope, it’s their big doe eyes that make it impossible to look away. There’s just something about the appearance of big eyes that makes someone’s overall look seem more youthful. If your eyes don’t look quite as large as you’d like, that’s totally alright. That’s exactly what makeup, and eye makeup in particular, is here to help you achieve. Here, learn how to make your eyes look bigger with eyeliner.

Sure, in middle school and high school it might have seemed like a good idea to completely surround your eyes with dark eyeliner, but now that you’re an adult, it’s time to update your makeup technique. That’s because when you surround your eyes with dark eyeliner, it can actually make them look smaller. Instead, draw a simple thin line on either your top or bottom lash line—not both—using an eyeliner pen with a precise tip, like the L'Oréal Paris Infallible The Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner. If you’ve lined your upper lash line and still feel like you need more of an accent on your lower, use a medium-toned brown eyeshadow instead of more eyeliner. Apply a super light dusting of shadow using a thin, tapered eye shadow brush.

Let’s be real: faking bigger eyes is a covetable makeup trick that just about every guru has mastered. Although we can’t promise a magical doe eyes at the drop of a hat, we can give you some easy, foolproof ways to make your own eyes bigger and brighter using only eyeliner and mascara (no shadow necessary). Ahead, find ten simple looks that use eyeliner and a tinge of mascara to get those rounder, enviable eyes.All the eyeliner advice in the world won’t make a bit of difference if you’re starting out on a canvas of dark circles and uneven skin tone. Make sure to follow these four steps to get your eyes ready to look their best: