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Mesotherapy from £150 per treatment

Needle Mesotherapy is an effective treatment, which leads to the total biorevitalization of the skin. It is a method of medical treatment, safe and very effective. The treatment involves injecting into the skin a cocktail of vitamins and active substances.Usually, it is recommended that at least 4 treatments every 3 weeksNeedle Mesotherapy is an excellent treatment for people who are not satisfied with the use of creams, masks. It’s for all who want to improve the skin as quickly as possible. The treatment is also recommend those rather avoid invasive medical procedures  and prefer something safer, which does not cause complications and does not require a long downtime.Mesotherapy perfectly removes signs of aging of the skin, boosts hydration of the epidermis, nourishes, improves facial contours, fill lines and wrinkles and rejuvenations the skin. In addition, needle mesotherapy performed on the body helps to: eliminate cellulite, remove excess fat in certain places, shape the body, to stimulate hair growth.


Microblading is one of the many styles of semi-permanent makeup or cosmetic tattoos as some call it. With this method, we create fullness and shape of the eyebrows by applying pigment in the upper layers of the skin. The persistence of the pigment depends on the client’s skin type, their way of life and lasts for up to three years (with corrections). If the pigment is not re-applied, then it fades and leaves the skin without any negative consequences. Because the pigment is applied so close to the surface the hair strokes appear natural looking. This method is ideal for anyone who is trying to enhance their natural eyebrows or has lost eyebrow hair due to plucking or diseases (alopecia, trigonometric or any other condition that causes hair loss). Especially people who lose their eyebrow hair, as a result of disease, benefit greatly from microblading. The pigments used in this method are color-matched to client’s original eyebrow color. If the eyebrows are still present, the same color is chosen to blend the corrections. The results are realistic, flawless, fuller-looking eyebrows.


The microblading artist applies the pigment manually into the surface of one of the upper layers of the skin. The pigment is chosen according to the natural color of the client’s eyebrows and hair. The artist can also mix a special shade if it is required. The pigment will at first appear much darker, but can fade up to 40% within a month after the treatment. The tools used are sterile, disposable and used brand new for each client. Corrections are usually recommended to be done a month after the procedure, as some strokes may get lost during the skin healing time. It is also recommended to the client to use special aftercare creams to avoid healing problems and to take care of the skin under the eyebrows.


The skin is healed and completely regenerated within a month after the first procedure, which is why we recommend first top-up after 4 to 6 weeks. More than one top-up may be required if the skin is very oily or problematic. Retention of the pigment depends on the client’s skin and way of life. Clients with oilier skin may need to refresh their eyebrows after less than a year, and some with drier skin may experience faded and less visible pigmentation after about 16 to 24 months after the first procedure.