Plasmapen Fibroblast Skin Tightening

This Fantastic Treatment Tightens And Shrinks Away Excess Skin By Way Of A Non-Invasive And Non-Surgical Method.

This fantastic treatment tightens and shrinks away excess skin by way of a non-invasive and non-surgical method.
This breakthrough method is quickly becoming the most popular way of achieving huge, visible improvements while maintaining a natural look. It achieves amazing results for hooded eyelids, crow’s feet, smokers’ lines, under-eye bags, wrinkles and more.


This treatment works by doing two things: removing excess skin and producing new collagen and elastin. We use a hand held device with a small probe to create tiny plasma flashes over the skin. The skin instantly tightens when a grid of these plasma flashes are made. Loose and excess skin is targeted and removed. A tiny carbon crust is formed over the area and starts to heal the skin. In the deeper layers of the skin, we have cells called fibroblasts. These are responsible for producing collagen and elastin. Their job is to make sure our skin is strong, bouncy and tight. As we age, our skin makes less and less of them. That’s why we get lines, wrinkles and loose skin! The plasma flashes not only remove excess skin, but they are able to penetrate deep into the skin and wake up our fibroblast cells. They tell the cells to go and make lots of collagen and elastin because we’ve caused minor trauma to the area. The result: no more unwanted droopy skin and smoothing of the lines and wrinkles! Not only that, but we can actually improve the appearance of scar tissue and stretch marks a well!
Improvement can sometimes be instantly seen but the final result will be visible after 10-12 weeks. There is no cutting of the skin, nothing being injected and your results last 2-4 years! This is an incredible, revolutionary alternative to injectables or surgery.


“Elisa did an amazing job from start to finish”

5/5 Stars.

I got my new brows today and i absolutely love them! Elisa did an amazing job from start to finish. I had my consultation last Tuesday where Elisa took me through the procedure step by step from what shape i wanted and my expectations. I then booked my appointment for today (4th June). On arrival Elisa designed my brow shape and we discussed what colour i wanted, with her guidance i selected my shape and colour. From there Elisa started, making sure i was comfortable and checked regularly if i needed a break and was ok. She kept me updated with what she was doing and was very thorough with what she was doing. I had an idea of how they would turn but it exceeded my expectations, i never thought i would have the brows i have now. Elisa provided me with after care advice, with a follow-up in 6 weeks for any fillers, this is included with the original cost. The procedure is painless by the way!! I was nervous but Elisa put me at ease with constant reassurance. If you are thinking about getting this procedure done i would recommend Elisa without hesitation, she is an absolute star!!!!



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