The best alternatives to (semi) permanent makeup!

20 June

If you haven’t noticed yet (which I would be surprised by if you follow us on FB :D), eyebrows are a BIG.DEAL!
I grew up in the ‘90’s and there seemed to have been an outbreak of people overplucking their luscious brows. We used to make them as thin as possible in the tails, with big round blobs at the head of the brow. Nice comma’s. *shudder*.

One trend we can all be grateful for is that fluffy, tapered eyebrows are back! I know that there are those of us that go totally overboard and paint big, black brows on our foreheads. All you see is angry, dark stripes walking down the street towards you! Just so you know ladies, that is NOT microblading or permanent makeup, that is done with makeup.

Some of you might be a bit hesitant to take the plunge of having microblading or permanent makeup done, which is completely understandable. It’s a big decision to make and you want to be sure it’s the right thing for you.

So here are some alternatives for you to consider if you want to up your brow game:

  1. HD brows: this is where the brows are tinted to a darker colour than your own brow hairs and shaped using wax, threading and tweezing. I would recommend this if you have fluffy, full eyebrows and just need them brought into a nice, tapered shape. Look to be paying between £15-£30 for this treatment.
  2. Brow growth serums: these products stimulate the existing hair to grow longer and thicker, making them healthier as well. This does not unfortunately stimulate dead hair follicles to start growing hairs again, sadly that is a lost case. BUT they are great if you have some soft, thin hairs that you want to make fluffy and thick. You need to apply this every day and it can take a good few weeks before you start to notice a result. These can be pricy and will usually go between £30-£55.
  3. Brow extensions: Yes, this is really a thing! There are technicians that can do a treatment, similar to eyelash extensions, where they glue eyebrow-like hairs to the existing hairs and skin. The ones attached to the skin last only a few days, and the ones attached to hairs will last much longer. This is not yet available in Edinburgh, as far as I know and I don’t think it will be something I’ll be doing anytime soon.
  4. Eyebrow pencils or powders: These are probably the most common products to use to improve the shape of your brows. They are cheap, reliable and with a bit of practice can look fabulous. Watch a few tutorials on Youtube and you will get the hang of it. I would suggest you buy a few different types of products so you can have a play with them and see what you like the feel of. A disadvantage of these is that they smudge throughout the day and you’ll come home, look in the mirror and discover you’ve lost your brows about 5 hours ago.
  5. Wunderbrow: So this is a product that is quite similar to a regular pencil, except that it is smudge- and waterproof. Loads of people rave about it because it doesn’t run all over your face when it gets wet and stays in place throughout the day. I would say this is probably not so much for beginners at pencilling in brows. It doesn’t come off easily and if you don’t know what you’re doing, look like big, scary brows walking down the street. It goes for around £14.
  6. Eyebrow transplant: This is for the really hardcore people who are dead-serious about having proper eyebrows again. This is a procedure where they take hairs from a suitable donor site (behind the ears for example) and transplant the hair follicle into the brow area. It can take between 6-12 months for the hairs to start growing properly. This is a permanent procedure and looks the most natural. The best thing is you can get exactly the shape you want and it will be actual hairs growing in the area. The downside is it is very pricey. You can expect to pay between £3,000 and £5,500.

If you’re considering microblading or permanent makeup, have a look at our work here: