About Me

9 May

In my line of work, I believe it all starts with building a trust relationship with my clients. It is a privilege for me to do what I do and I’m highly aware of the responsibility I have. I thought I would give some hopefully interesting information about my background and myself so you know a little bit more about who is potentially doing your treatment.

My name is Elisa Falkenburg and not many of you know that I’m actually from The Netherlands! Although you could probably guess I’m not british from my name. I’m from a small town not far from Amsterdam and I moved to Edinburgh when I was 24. I grew up mainly in the Netherlands, but I also spent some time with my family in the USA when I was young. Hence, the accent! I’ve lost most of the American twang, though most people still ask me ‘’are you Canadian or something’’?

Back home, I was studying to be a nurse and had completed 4 years of my studies before I decided it wasn’t for me. I had done 4 placements in different medical settings, but I found no happiness in what I was doing. I tried to push myself to at least finish my degree but I only became more resentful. One day, a patient threatened to ‘’send me to a better place’’ and I decided that was the last straw. I immediately left and made the decision to quit my studies.

To give myself something to do, I started working in a waxing salon. I really enjoyed my work and I loved that I could go home and leave it at the door. I looked into becoming a beauty therapist but there was another issue nagging at me. I was keen to move away from the Netherlands and explore the world a bit more. I was on the brink of moving to Canada when I was declined a visa and chose to move to the UK instead. Edinburgh seemed like a good choice as I had never been there before and some friends had said it was amazing! Why not, right?!

I’ve always had a mentality that nothing can stop you from doing something, except yourself. So I packed two suitcases and moved into a student house on Grange Road with people I’d only met on Skype once. I studies spa and beauty therapy at Mary Reid International Spa Academy so I could qualify with an internationally recognized diploma. My plan was to do this 1 year course and then spread my wings to explore the world! It was definitely not my plan to meet someone and settle down in Edinburgh. But, as many of us know, love ruins a lot of things. I’m only kidding (am I?).

After my beauty studies, I worked in one of the highest regarded beauty salons to gain the best experience possible. Yet my heart was not content and I wanted more of a challenge. I’ll just mention here that since a very young age I’ve had a passion for art, drawing and painting. Both my parents are artists and I like to think I inherited their love for the arts.
One day a client told me about her friend who was having her eyebrows tattooed. An image of scary, blocked in brows come to mind and I thought ‘’that sounds like a really bad decision’’. But, I was intrigued and I did a some research. It wasn’t hard to find amazing artists that showed how beautiful permanent makeup can be! Immediately I knew this is what I wanted to do. I could combine my passion for art, anatomy and the beauty industry!

I invested in my future and did a course in permanent makeup with Nouveau Contour, the highest regarded institution in (semi)permanent cosmetics in the UK. I chose them because I wanted the best training possible so I could provide the best treatments and service to my potential clients. There’s no point in doing something half-assed! I either fully commit or don’t bother at all.

From the moment I started with permanent makeup, I finally felt like I was doing what I was supposed to be doing. From my experience as a nurse, I knew just how important it would be to reassure my clients and I place a lot of emphasis on the consultation element of my treatments. There’s nothing worse than being ushered through a treatment as quick as possible because there are 10 others in the waiting room.
I’ve been honing my skills ever since and I find an endless hunger in myself to continue this journey.

A while ago I was following another permanent makeup artist on Instagram and became aware of a new and revolutionary treatment on the market: Fibroblast skin tightening. Once again, I was so intrigued by this procedure and did some research on it. After speaking to a lot of different people in the industry, I took the leap and did my training with PlasmaPen by Louise Walsh International. Also again, I wanted the best training possible so that I was delivering the highest quality treatments to my clients. Nothing but the best for you! With Fibroblast, I realised there are a lot of unsafe devices and training companies that don’t have the clients’ best interest at heart. This is why I chose PlasmaPen but I’ll go into it more deeply in another blog post.
I’m a very results-driven person and I’m also quite sceptical by nature. That’s why I’m so pleased with how this treatment is turning out and the amazing results I’ve seen so far!

Other fun-facts about me: I have two cats, who are like my baby’s. Another great joy in my life is singing. I sing in a choir with great passion and commitment!

At this point, I’m working very hard to build my business and gain a good reputation within my line of work. I love my work and I feel very lucky to be able to do what I love. Not everyone discovers what their passion is or can even make a living from them. I also feel very honoured that my clients feel safe and are happy to put their brows and faces in my hands!

Thank you for being a part of my journey and I hope to see you soon in the salon! X Elisa